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Teacher and Student- A Gaara fic chp 23
Teacher and Student
Disclaimer: I do not own any characters associated with Naruto, they all belong to Kishi-sama
Chapter 23: The Explanation
Temari pov
"Where? Where are they? Where did they get moved to?!" I ask harshly as I approach Haruka's seat in the archive room.
"W-what do you mean, Temari-san?" She stutters.
"The files from this box," I say while flipping the empty box in hand upside down.
She clutches the top of her shirt. "I, uhhh…"
"The whole section on Anare is gone. Everything! Where she came from, who her teacher was before Matsuri, every report ever written on her! All of it."
"Ahhhh, let me think…" she says in a panic.
"Your one job is to keep this mess organized, how is it that a whole group of files has gone missing?" I continue my verbal tirade. This is beyond unacceptable.
"Ahh gomen, Temari-san…" she said prompting me to pull back.
I study her face for a moment. She looks frazzled. Something tells me that there
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Mature content
The Wonder Years-Naruto chpt 26 part2 :iconkzdatgurl:kzdatgurl 13 39
The Wonder Years-Naruto chpt 26 part1
A/N: Thanks for continuing to read. All your encouragement keeps me and the story going, that said- Please enjoy and subscribe and review/comment! Thanks mates! *Sorry for any mistakes*
Disclaimer: I DO NOT own Naruto nor his cohorts, this fiction is just that FICTION
Warning: BOYxBOY, language, alcohol, possible drugs, and did I mention BoyxBoy?
Things done in the dark
Hyuga mansion
"Neji-niisan I thought you said you were going out tonight with Naruto?" Asked Hanabi in her cute little girl voice.
Neji's teeth began to grind. "Well Hanabi, Naruto actually canceled…at the last minute...via text message….again." He said feeling a bit jilted. "Apparently 'something' came up." He mocked wondering if that something was actually a someone.
Hanabi's face brightened. "Then can we spar niisan?!" She questioned excitedly. She was still too young to understand the impact of being stood up.
Neji exhaled in frustration as he stood from the kitchen tab
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The Wonder Years-Naruto chpt 11
Disclaimer: I do not own. Naruto does...
Warning: Langauge...drug use...
The relationship that grew
Late night Friday
Sasuke knocked at the door between him and his misery. He waited impatiently and knocked again. He had half a mind to turn and leave.
"In a rush are we?" Kabuto asked opening the door as the raven brushed past him irritably. "Orochimaru, sir, I'll be going now. Please don't hesitate to call." The gray haired boy said fixing his glasses, before shutting the door behind him. He didn't bother to wait for a reply, he knew exactly what Sasuke was walking into.
Sasuke stepped through the lair, it was darker than usual. He was tempted to call out to Orochimaru but he really didn't care to.
"Where were you?" Orochimaru hissed through the darkness that shrouded the room.
Sasuke narrowed his eyes to try and locate the placement of the snake like male. Sasuke didn't answer, he was here against his will a
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The Wonder Years-Naruto chpt 7
Disclaimer: I don't own but maybe Kishimoto is the sharing type...?
Warnings: Boy kisses, bad language, implied drug use.
Running up hill
Damn it…Naruto groaned to himself. Damn that Kakashi…He continued to sulk.
"Dude, it's not that bad. This assignment is a piece of cake actually." Kiba said walking beside the miserable blonde to study hall.
Naruto's face was contorted in annoyance but Kiba didn't know why.
"Really though. This is like 4th grade work what's the problem?" Kiba continued to probe not seeing the big deal in writing a report on your family history and how it affected your life so far growing up. In fact, Kiba was sure he'd get, at least, a C- on this assignment.
Naruto shot him a fake grin while rubbing the back of his head. "Yea, sure you're right." He said not being ready to spill just yet. His stomach turned from just the thought of having to write and read a report like that in front of the class. How would he even begin? 'Yeah so I never knew my parents. I
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The Wonder Years-Naruto chpt 6
Disclaimer: I don't own...only in my dreams...
Warnings: Language (of course), boy lust but otherwise pretty clean chappie
Saturday evening
Finally... Neji sighed. Saturday had finally come and he was anxiously sitting outside the blonde's house prepping to make a phone call. Just do it all ready. He urged mentally pinching his self. Neji bit down on his lip. He had no idea what to expect. He never specified the terms of their rendezvous today. He was very much attracted to Naruto but he wondered if the boy had felt the same way. Agreeing to go out with him kind of solidified the fact that he did. Then again, Neji didn't specifically ask Naruto on a date.
Placing his finger to the buttons of his mobile Neji pushed green and added the phone to his ear.
"Hello?" Chirped a cheery voice across the line.
"Hi,'s, Neji." Said the nervous adolescent.
"Oh great, your outside?" The blond asked.
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The Wonder Years-Naruto chpt 1
In the beginning...
It never ceased to amaze him, just how he managed to get himself into these situations. Yanked out of a semi-comfy home and sent to Konoha, to live with a complete stranger, who claimed to be his 'godfather'. What a weekend.
He sighed heavily as he unpacked his freshly delivered belongings in the basement of a small house that reminded him of a coffin. Yeah, it was that small. Who ever heard of a one bedroom home? Technically, it was two bedrooms but one was converted into an office, with a mini library for writing.
Whatever... He thought placing his clothes in the designated dresser draws.
Glancing around the basement, Naruto noticed it was actually pretty cool. There was a separate entrance for the basement, aside from the regular door and it was completely finished with a full sized bed, couch, radio, full bathroom and window. It's like having my own apartment. He thought to himself. Maybe this won't be so bad after all. He decided forgetting one major detail.
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The wonder years- Naruto chapter 25
A/N: The wait, the wait-I know. So sorry to keep you guys hanging like that but so much has happened in the last few months, omg. I want to personally thank you guys for putting fire under my arse! Teehehe
Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto nor any of the related character, but I can DEF dream BIG
Warning: Sexual themes (yaoi), language, underage smoking/drug use
Divide and conquer
Across town
Gaara sat in his room on the edge of his bed shrouded in darkness. He was still in no condition to go to school. He'd missed more than a few doses of his daily meds and he was certainly paying the consequences. He glanced over at the loose light blue pills which were lying atop his night stand. He hated the way they made him feel but without them he was a wreck. Without them he couldn't function in society, that fact had been proven time and time again.
"Stop…" He said lightly though there was no other person around. Gaara ra
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Teacher and Student- A Gaara fic chp 21
Teacher and Student
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN ANYONE FROM NARUTO...BUT ONLY IF I DID (evil cackle)...
Chapter 21: The reality
The Reality
Gaara pov
The room is so intensely white, I squint as I take a moment to adjust my eyes from darkness. I feel slightly dizzy as I examine the ceiling momentarily. To the right is a heart monitor, to the left is a IV stand.
Beep beep beep
There are patches with wires taped to the side of my head, which lead to another machine behind the bed I am in. Pulling them off, I take in a deep breath as I sit up. My body feels sore and stiff in most places. I look over to the left and notice a bandage affixed to my shoulder. I touch it with my right hand. What happened? I wonder as I look about the empty room. Where is everyone? I ask as I pull the IV from my arm and flex it at the elbow. I wince as my shoulder gives off a sharp pain. Swinging my legs over the edge of the bed, I realize my chest and
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Teacher and Student- A Gaara fic chpt 20
Teacher and Student
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN ANYONE FROM NARUTO...BUT ONLY IF I DID (evil cackle)...
Chapter 20: The meltdown
Matsuri pov
This's so bright. I can't even see what's up ahead. I raise my hand to the shield against the illumination as I pull myself from the wall. All I can make out is that I'm in a pure white hallway. I see no doors. No pictures. It's just myself and a blaring light at the far end of the hall. Confused, I start to move. Behind me is darkness and uncertainty. I'm afraid to go that way for some reason. I continue walking forward hearing only the sound of my bare feet hitting the cold tiled floor. My hand moves to my chest as anxiousness eats away at my soul. I pick up speed. Dammit! I curse under my breath beginning a slow jog. There is no end in sight, there is only light before me; that's all I can see.
"H-hello?" I call out only to be met with an eerie silence. My heart rate increas
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My Curse mark: Seal of Heaven :iconkzdatgurl:kzdatgurl 4 21 Itsy bitsy spider :iconkzdatgurl:kzdatgurl 1 0 What is an angel without wings :iconkzdatgurl:kzdatgurl 0 0
Teacher and Student- A Gaara fic chp 19
Teacher and Student
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN ANYONE FROM NARUTO...BUT ONLY IF I DID (evil cackle)...
Chapter 19: The situation
Matsuri pov
"Now..." Temari whispers to Kankuro who takes out two guards by the entrance way to a cave; we'd tracked Gaara's scent here.
I slink through the darkened area behind Temari with wide eyes. We hatched a plan quickly upon arrival. Temari and I would locate Gaara inside the cavern and Kankuro would remain on the outside, standing watch.
"We have to remain undetected; Gaara's life depends on it." She said stopping short. "Your chakra, suppress it now."
"Hai." I agreed squatting near a forked tunnel. I put my hands together and form signs with speed and precision. Placing my hand to the ground I leave a marking on the floor of the cave, detectable by only me. This seal will guide us out in case we get lost.
Temari moves along. Looking down two tunnels I proceed cautiously down
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Teacher and Student- A Gaara fic chp 18
Teacher and Student
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN ANYONE FROM NARUTO...BUT ONLY IF I DID (evil cackle)...
Chapter 18: The extraction
Matsuri Pov
I'm running down a hallway, dressed in a cream gown. I am bare foot and my hair is loose and wildly bouncing over my shoulders to the rhythm of my steps. I run. I don't know why I'm running. All I know is I can't stop. I've got this strong feeling to keep going, to move faster. I pick up speed. This is a never ending hall. It seems like the faster I run, the longer the hall gets. All I can hear is the pitter patter of my own feet hitting the tiled floor.
There is a person.
"HELLOOO?" I call out desperately. Maybe someone can tell me what I'm doing here.
The person stops but there is no response.
"Can you help me?" I say barely loud enough for them to hear. I speed up but I don't seem to be getting any closer; in fact I seem to be at the very same distance as when I first
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Teacher and Student- A Gaara fic chp 17
Teacher and Student
Disclaimer: I DO NOT OWN ANYONE FROM NARUTO...BUT ONLY IF I DID (evil cackle)...
Chapter 17: The reemergence
Anare pov
"Dear, unfortunate Matsuri…" I said touching her face with the tips of my fingers.
"Why Anare? Why are you doing this?" Matsuri asked with tears brimming her eyes. I could see she was holding back. She shut her eyes.
I narrow my lids at her. She really is pathetic. "Because you're weak." I said hatefully. She irked me just that much. Always playing the innocent role. The victim.
"Anare, I'm sorry if I-" She began before I cut her off.
"Don't! Don't apologize Matsuri! I'm about to kill you and you apologize to me? Are you serious?" I asked squeezing the kunai extra tight. Grabbing a handful of her hair, I lean down to smell Matsuri. After a long exhale I drop her hair and resume my position. "Huhhn, Gaara was right…" I concluded.
"What?" She asked confused at the
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THE YAOI IS :iconakagraphicstudios:AKAgraphicstudios 111 7 After training :iconnarunarutofka:NaruNarutoFKA 110 51 ItachiSasuke Uchiwa :iconsakura5192:Sakura5192 27 5 :Finally:COMMISSION02 :icontabe-chan:Tabe-chan 536 57 Kzdatgurl Lunaii doll :iconnaruandpokefan:Naruandpokefan 1 4 Love built on sand: Gaara and Matsuri :iconfollowingstars:FollowingStars 85 51 Gaara and Matsuri :iconlycorislover:LycorisLover 128 58 GaaMatsu: Hold Me :iconimgaarasninja:ImGaarasNinja 140 24 Gaara X Matsuri :iconzoliedeco:Zoliedeco 51 21 Naruto 485: Naruto and Sasuke :icongold-mk:GoLD-MK 109 8 SasuNaru kiss :iconthestoryofdestiny:TheStoryOfDestiny 205 19


Hello everyone! I am writing this journal to address the stories I have written here and on

First off I hope all of you are well and second I have not abandoned any of my pieces. I've been getting messages and emails about updates and when I'll be writing again, so I wanted to post this so that anyone who was wondering will have an answer...

Yes I plan to write again and yes it will be soon! Life tends to carry people away sometimes and rather than give y'all a bunch of dreck, I always want to feel like my heart and mind are in my pieces. So what that said, thanks for reading and I hope you all aren't too disappointed with me.

I will write again!!! 


United States
I am a writer....they dont have a check box for that... *kanye shrug*



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